Small Claims Court Barristers And Representation At Trial

Our site and the Ultimate Guide provide guidance on the court processes and what to expect. We do not however, provide legal advice or advice on specific claims.

If you want advice on your claim or representation at a small claims trial, then we recommend you obtain the services of a barrister. Barristers regularly argue cases before the courts and are specialists in advocating claims before Judges.

Not many people know that it is possible to engage a barrister directly. Most people think it necessary to appoint a solicitor who in turn can appoint a barrister. The perceived cost of engaging so many lawyers often puts people off getting legal advice or representation in small claims.

However, you can instruct a barrister directly without dealing with a solicitor at all, provided the barrister is authorised to allow him / her to take direct instructions. The barristers at Clerksroom Direct have carried out the necessary training and obtained the authorisation. They regularly accept direct instructions from individuals and business clients.

People often have the belief that a barrister will be very expensive. That is not usually the case. In small claims, the typical fees for representation at a small claim trial, amount to hundreds of pounds, not thousands. Barristers also tend to provide fixed fees, rather than charging at an hourly rate as most solicitors do. Therefore, you have certainty of the cost for the work.

We recommend Clerksroom Direct. Please click on the Clerksroom Direct logo above to go to their site to get a quote or to book a barrister.