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About Us


The site has been created and is maintained by an experienced litigation lawyer in England.

It relates only to the courts of England & Wales.

The site was set up and is maintained to help you and others like you, to understand the process of going to court over a small claim.

We believe that the other guidance available about the small claims process is either too complicated or too difficult to find. We aim to give you an overview of what to expect and hopefully give you a better prospect of achieving a successful outcome.

We have hands on experience of running small claims from start to finish and know that to those who haven't used the civil courts before, it can be a daunting process. This site and in particular the Ultimate Guide have been prepared to help take aware the fear and set out what to expect step by step.

If you want to support the site please download the Ultimate Guide.


Contact Us

We cannot provide advice on the law or specific advice on individual claims. The site is to give general guidance on the small claims procedure and what to expect.

However, if you want to contact us and have a suggestion for a topic to add to the site, we recommend you contact us via Facebook here.

Facebook messages, emails and voicemails are only checked periodically, as this site is updated and maintained outside of office hours.

We repeat, we cannot give advice or respond to individual queries.

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