Court complaints statisticsCourt complaints statistics have been released.

The statistics need to be read in context with the changes in the administration (staff and expenses being slashed) and fees (which have been increased significantly).

The statistics show the number of complaints went up by over 13% from the previous year, a jump from 13,451 to 15,272. Given the huge volume of cases the courts deal with each year, the number of complaints is not that surprising. However, the vast majority of civil court work is processing undefended claims – simple claims being issued for unpaid invoices, which go undefended. There isn’t a great deal that can go wrong with those.

Court Complaints – The Most Common Causes

The most common complaints about the courts related to delay, errors in information being given out by court staff and reduction of court counter service (simple money claims now all being processed through Salford for example).

With court fees being increased hugely and more proposals for increases being suggested, it would be expected that the quality of service provided would be better. It appears not.

With more and more litigants in person struggling with the court processes, it is in our view inevitable that both the litigants in person and other parties involved, will face difficulties using the courts and will ultimately lodge more complaints.