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Free small claim resources

Struggling With A Small Claim?

Lawyer not returned your call?

Spoken to a lawyer but been told it will cost thousands to get them involved and their costs can’t be recovered?

You are not alone experiencing that problem.

There is a lack of help out there for individuals and businesses, trying to deal with the small claims court process.

For that reason, our guide was prepared to help you in what can be a worrying time. Giving you the advantage and a better chance of winning.

Small Claims Guide

Using the courts doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful.

Our guide takes you through the process step by step, and in plain English.

Either dip into it as and when you need or read through and get ahead of the game.

Download instantly now. It is a pdf document that you can read on almost any devices.

Our website provides basic and crucial information about small claims. We also bring you news and updates which we think will be helpful. The Ultimate Guide greatly expands upon this and takes you through the process step by step and in plain English.

The guide is 98 pages and is delivered as a pdf so you can read it on a variety of devices. You can download your copy now instantly for only £7.50. The revenue raised from sales of the guide helps us to keep the site running and updated with content.

This guide was essential getting from start to finish with my small claim. No legal jargon, easy to follow and to the point. And much cheaper than a solicitor!

Keith H

Money well spent. My claim against was going nowhere, until I issued following your guidance, a Small Claims summons. With a bit of work, common sense and perseverance, got there in the end. Will the defendant learn its lesson? I doubt it, but with your guidance I got there eventually.

Jim L

I didn’t know where to start with my small claim. The Genie site answered a lot of my questions and I wish I had found it earlier than I did.

Chris D

Index & Sample Pages

What The Guide Covers

Most small claims are money claims – someone owes someone else money, whether it be a debt, building dispute or other type of argument. These are the types of matters our site and the Ultimate Guide relates to.

We do not cover on this site or in the guide personal injury claims, employment claims, insolvency or landlord & tenant, as the court rules, forms and administration are different.

This is a digital download for you to view on your device, it is not a purchase of a physical or printable book.