The Civil National Business Centre will soon replace the County Court Money Claims Centre and County Court Bulk Centre. There have been changes happening in the background for months to enable the work of both centres to merge.

Currently, there are two bulk centres where huge volumes of straight forward claims are dealt with administratively. These are the County Court Money Claims Centre and the County Court Bulk Centre.

The two have run side by side for quite some time, and it has always made sense to just have one central hub.

The latest update is that everything is largely complete but things are now held pending until the completion of modifications to the Civil Procedure Rules. The Rules need to be changed so that it is clear what documents need to be sent where to comply. The Rules must be followed until they are changed.

As things stand, paper claims for money must still be sent to the County Court Money Claims Centre and claims issued online will be issued in the County Court Bulk Centre.

In the background, a huge volume of work has been going on. All civil administrative processes that were previously managed by the County Court Money Claims Centre at Prince William House in Salford have now successfully been relocated to the County Court Bulk Centre in Northampton.

As a result, Prince William House has now officially closed its doors and anything sent to it will be forwarded on to Northampton to deal.

The necessary amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules will not be finalised until the 12th of August, 2023. The draft rules are usually published in advance so we will let you know the proposed changes before they take place.